The Best Backup Cameras For Campervans

 Best Backup Cameras For Campervans

Anyone who’s ever driven a campervan knows just how difficult it is to back-up on these hulking vehicles. Their length and build make it difficult to see what’s behind them and this makes them prone to both minor and major accidents. But we’re here to tell you that it shouldn’t always be the case. Using a backup camera for your camper and conversion van is a no-brainer. Not only does it make backing up your car easier, but a lot safer as well.

The only problem though is that choosing one isn’t as straightforward. This is especially true if you don’t know what you’re looking. We made it a lot easier with this handy guide to help you make the right decision when purchasing a backup camera for your campervan.

What to Consider When Choosing a Backup Camera

When buying a backup camera for your camper and/or a conversion van, you’ll want to consider asking yourself these questions first:

How is the picture quality?

Picture quality is important. Although you won’t need crystal clear images, you’ll want a backup camera that has a clear and wide enough of a view of what’s behind you to let you see any and all obstructions.

Does it have night vision?

In addition to a clear and wide view, your backup camera should ideally have night vision capabilities so you can safely backup in the middle of the night

How well can it see in the sun?

Just as important as being able to see in the dark is a backup camera that lets you see properly in broad daylight. The best backup cameras have anti-glare capabilities for these types of situations.

How easy is it to install?

The installation costs of a complicated backup camera can make it more expensive to have than necessary.

Does it require wiring or is it wireless?

Wired backup cameras are generally more reliable. However, they are also harder to install on your own. Meanwhile, wireless cameras, though less reliable, are extremely easy to install, with most not even requiring professional tools or help.

What is the angle of the view?

The wider the angle, the more of what’s behind you you’ll get to see.

Ideally, you’ll want a backup camera that provides at least a viewing angle of around 170-190 degrees.

Is it waterproof?

How waterproof and dust-resistant a backup camera is usually scored via an IP (Ingress Protection) rating. A rating of 0 is the lowest, while 8 is the highest. Ideally, a backup camera should at least have an IPX5 rating.

Does it have parking guides or rear assist marker lines?

Although not completely necessary, parking guides and rear assist marker lines are a huge help. They make it easier for you to back up and park, especially in tight spaces where it’s difficult to see if you’re properly straightened or not.

Does it come with a monitor? How big is the monitor?

Some backup cameras don’t come with their own monitors, you’ll have to buy them separately or you’ll have to make sure that they’re compatible with your car’s display. However, some do, and if that’s the case, you’ll want a backup camera with a monitor that’s large enough to let you see properly what’s happening behind your camper or conversion van.

How much power does it use?

How much power a backup camera uses is important. Using insufficient or improper power supply can affect the quality of the camera display. In worse cases, it might even damage the camera itself, or even the camper and conversion van.

Also, most van’s electric system uses 12 volts. However, it still pays to check.

Best Backup Camera Recommendations:


LeeKooLuu Backup Camera

The LeeKooLuu Backup Camera is a budget-friendly and reliable choice. It comes with an IP69 waterproof rating, with a 149-degree viewing angle and 6 white LED lights that provide more than enough lighting. It also comes with a 4.3-inch LCD display and adjustable parking lights, with an option to use the camera as a front camera at the same time.

• Reasonably priced
• 4.3 Inch LCD Display
• Guide lines

• Can be difficult to install



Calmoor License Plate Backup Camera

The Calmoor License Plate Backup Camera is an excellent wireless alternative that can maintain a strong connection up to 45 feet. This makes it relatively easy to install, especially since you can just fix the camera to your camper’s license plate using the tools packed alongside it.

The ultra-clear aperture 170-degree wide-angle camera provides excellent vision day and night with a 5-inch digital monitor display.

An IP69 waterproof rating ensures that the camera can withstand unfavourable weather conditions.

• Easy to install
• Excellent video quality
• Guide lines




Equipped with a PC1058 sensor, the AUTO-VOX CS-2 is a digital wireless transmission camera that provides a stable and clear image through its 4.3-inch monitor. Although the 110-degree angle of the camera isn’t as wide as others, the adjustable parking lines and ease of installation — the wireless transmitter is embedded directly inside the camera — more than makes up for it.

The CS-2 also comes with a 1-year warranty and a 24-hour after-sales service.

• Easy to install
• Excellent video quality
• Guide lines

• No on/off switch



Xroose – Backup Camera with 5-inch monitor

A 149-degree high-resolution field of view awaits those who use this backup camera from Xroose. To help improve clarity at night, this comes with 6 auto LED lights, as well as high definition chipset for improved clarity. The image is then displayed through a 5-inch colored LCD that comes with its magnetic mount bracket for simple installation.

Speaking of simple installation, the integrated camera license plate mount makes it relatively easy to install the camera, with an option to mount it wired or wireless with up to 100M range with minimal to no interference.

The included 12-24V cigarette light adapter also allows the backup camera to turn on automatically when you’re reversing and off when the car’s engine is not running.

• 149˚ Wide View
• Parking Guide lines
• Great price




Amtifo Digital Wireless Backup Camera

One of the more expensive backup cameras for camper and conversion vans on our list, the Amtifo Digital Wireless Backup Camera comes with all of the bells and whistles expected from a backup camera.

For starters, it has a Full HD 1080p camera that has a reliable range of up to 984 feet. It also has an IP69 waterproof rating, with a 150-degree field of view angle and as many as 18 infrared lights. Meanwhile, a 7-inch IPS panel monitor, with 4-way split-screen capabilities, guarantees that you see the camera even more clearly.

For peace of mind, this backup camera comes with a free replacement service and tech support.

• 7-inch IPS panel monitor with 4-way split screen
• Full HD 1080p camera
• 18 infrared lights
• Expensive



eRapta ERT01

Another affordable option, the Erapta ERT01 is a cheap and effective IP69 backup camera. It comes with a 149-degree viewing angle and is made out of a high-purity resin for added durability, as well as water-proofing.

For night-time clarity, the ERT01 has auto-lighting LED lights.
• Affordable
• High-purity copper and resin construction
• 9 auto-lighting LED lights
• No monitor/display



NATIKA Backup Camera

A fully-sealed glue filling craft design is one of the main features of this fairly basic backup camera from NATIKA. In addition to this, it has a 170-degree super-wide rear-view camera that’s equipped with an HD 600TVL 1/2.7inch image sensor for superior clarity.

Added features of this backup camera included multifunctional switching loops that allow you to switch between front and rear views, as well as a switchable distance scale line and/or support lines.

NATIKA also offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee and a 24-month replacement warranty for this backup camera.

This is all in addition to a lifetime support guarantee from their 24/7 customer service.

• 30-day moneyback guarantee with a 24-month replacement warranty
• Lifetime support guarantee
• HD 600TVL 1/2.7inch image sensor
• Doesn’t come with a monitor or display



Furrion Vision S

For those who want the best backup camera for their camper or conversion van, the Furrion Vision S has few equals.

The steep price tag might turn off most buyers, but the Vision S more than warrants it. It comes with a high-resolution waterproof camera with a 120-degree viewing angle, live streaming capability, intelligent IR cut filters, as well as infrared night vision for better clarity at night.

The Vision S then displays everything the camera sees to a 7-inch touchscreen monitor with anti-glare. The monitor has park assist marker lines. It can also display up to 4 cameras, with support for audio. Also, because of the 2.4GHz wireless capabilities, the camera systems can reliably put out a clear and crisp display up to 50 feet with little to no delay.

As an added bonus, the Vision S has a microphone to let you transmit audio whenever you’re backing up. It can also detect movement behind your RV that automatically wakes up the display.
• 2.4GHz wireless signal
• 7-inch touchscreen anti-glare monitor
• Infrared night vision with livestreaming and intelligent IR cut filters
• Microphone and motion detection
• Expensive
• IP65 rating



DoHonest Backup Camera

For those who need something fairly basic, the DoHonest Backup Camera delivers.

Powered by connecting directly to the reverse and running lights, this backup camera is very easy to use. It also comes with a smart switch with multiple functions that allows you to adjust the guide lines, flip the images, as well as adjust the angle of the 149-degree view of the IP69 waterproof camera that has 6 LED lights that improve nighttime vision.

The 4.3-inch LCD display then attaches directly to any flat surface, or you can also mount it on your windshield using a mount that you can request from DoHonest.

DoHonest completes the package with a 2-year warranty for the product, as well as a detailed video installation guide.
• 2-year warranty
• Multiple function smart switch
• Affordable
• Simple and easy to install
• Not wireless



DVKNM Upgrade Dual Backup Camera

Do you know what’s better than one back-up camera? Two, of course!

With a monitor that’s capable of supporting two video inputs — the reverse camera takes priority — as well as two backup cameras packaged, this backup camera system from DVKNM will satisfy any and all camper and conversion van owners.

In terms of durability, it comes with a pretty standard IP69 rating. The 140-degree viewing angle is also relatively wide. Not to mention, the cameras come with 18 IR LEDs that guarantee crisp and clear images even in relative darkness. Plus, with an IR remote controller, operating the camera is a synch.

The DVKNM backup camera also utilizes an upgraded four-pin interface. This allows it to transmit images with better definition and quality, up to 720p.
• Dual HD backup cameras
• IR Remote Controller
• 18 IR LEDs
• Long cable
• Customer service reportedly takes a while to respond to queries

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