Deep Eddy Pool – Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting (2022)

If you’re a fan of spring-fed pools, Deep Eddy will certainly have what you’re looking for.

Mostly a local secret, Deep Eddy has a rich history and an even richer present- with a diving board, lifeguards, laps, showers, and the perfect temperature.

Less popular than neighboring pools, Deep Eddy is a great place to cool off and spend quality time with friends and family. Go to one of their family movie nights and then grab a burger down the street for the perfect summer occasion.

Do it like the locals and head on over to Deep Eddy!

What is Deep Eddy Pool?

Deep Eddy Pool

Deep Eddy Pool is the most historic swimming pool in Texas. It is fed by spring water.

In the early 20th century, a man bought the land around the swimming hole and built Deep Eddy. It is named after an eddy created by a huge boulder on the river.

In 1935, the city bought the pool for the equivalent of $195,000 in today’s dollars. But two weeks after the purchase, a huge Colorado River flood ruined the bathhouse and filled the pool with mud. Everything had to be rebuilt and the pool opened back up a year later.

In 2011, more renovations were needed due to the pool’s age. The piping, decks, and bottom of the pool were replaced, totalling $2.3 million worth of repairs.

Where is Deep Eddy located in Texas?

Deep Eddy is at 401 Deep Eddy Drive, Austin, Texas.

It is:

  • A 10 minute drive from Downtown Austin

  • An hour and a half from San Antonia

  • Two and a half hours from Houston

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Is it open year-round?

Deep Eddy Pool is open year-round but is sometimes closed due to cold temperatures.

What days is it open?

Deep Eddy Pool is open every day, besides the first Tuesday of each month.

Monday-Friday: 9am- 7:30pm

  • Shallow side closed, lap swim only

Saturday-Sunday: 9am- 7pm

  • Lap swim only

Do you need reservations?

As of June of 2020, reservations need to be made online or by phone to secure a spot. 

It’s unclear if this rule is still in place, as of the time this article was written in February 2022.

Is there an entry fee for Deep Eddy?

There is an entry fee for Deep Eddy Pool.


Adults: $3 

Junior: $2 

Child: $1 

Under 1 year: free

Senior: $1 


Adults: $8

Junior: $2

Child: $1

Under 1 year: free

Senior: $4

How long is Deep Eddy?

deep eddy pool austin

(photo: Mkettler | CC BY 3.0)

Deep Eddy Pool is 33 ⅓ yards long and is the perfect length to get some laps in.

What is the temperature of the water?

The temperature of the water at Deep Eddy Pool is 65-75 degrees all year long, with the exception of the occasional winter cold front.

Is Deep Eddy kid friendly?

Deep Eddy is very kid friendly!

There is a warm shallow section that is perfect for kids, separated from the deeper section by a concrete wall.

There are also family-friendly movie nights at the pool.

Is there a lifeguard?

There are lifeguards on duty at Deep Eddy Pool.

Can you bring dogs?

Dogs are allowed at Deep Eddy Pool.

Can you bring food or alcohol?

Food and alcohol are prohibited at Deep Eddy Pool.

Are floats allowed in Deep Eddy Pool?

Floats are allowed in the larger shallow end. However, if the pool is too crowded then the staff might not let you use your floats.

Do they have showers?

Deep Eddy Pool has renovated showers, restrooms, and changing facilities.

When is the best time to visit Deep Eddy?

Deep Eddy Pool gets very busy during the summer, and the parking lot fills up quickly.

However, the water in the winter is a bit too chilly for some people to enjoy.

The best time to visit Deep Eddy is late spring and early autumn, when the temperature is warm but there are no summer crowds.

Where do you park at Deep Eddy?

You park at 401 Deep Eddy Drive, Austin, Texas.

If the lot fills up, you have to find parking on the street and walk further to get to the pool.

Tips for visiting Deep Eddy

Here are some tips for visiting Deep Eddy:

  • Street parking is very limited

  • There are a lot of race lanes

  • The water is warmer than Barton Springs

  • Locals love doing front flips off the diving board

  • It’s a bit of a local gem and not that well known among travelers

  • There are steep stairs from the entrance, along with wheelchair and stroller accessible ramps

  • The pool has no shade, so bring clothes and sunscreen to protect you from the sun

  • Pool Burger is a great restaurant only a block away

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