Grasshopper Point – Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

Imagine: a huge cliff perfect for climbing with a deep, clear blue water hole at the bottom packed full of warm-water fish.

Teenagers are cliff diving, while others yet are sitting on rocks dipping their toes in the chilly but oh-so-refreshing water.

Take a break from the Arizona heat and pack in some adventure at Grasshopper Point!

What is Grasshopper Point?

Grasshopper Point

(photo: Klaus Eltrop)

Grasshopper Point is a swimming hole next to a large cliff snuggled into the base of Oak Creek Canyon.

It is a popular picnic and swimming area for locals and travelers alike. The swimming hole is faithfully shaded and a welcomed escape from the heat of the summer.

If you’re the hiking type, the Grasshopper Point parking lot connects to Allen’s Bend, from which you can go north and reach the Casner Canyon Trail, or south to connect to the Huckaby Trail.

Where is Grasshopper Point located? 

grasshopper point

Grasshopper Point is roughly 2 miles south of Encinoso Picnic Area and located on the east side of US 89A, in Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona.

Is Grasshopper Point open? Is it open year-round?

Grasshopper Point is open year round , from 9 am to dusk.

Do you need reservations?

You don’t need reservations to go to Grasshopper Point.

Is there an entry fee for Grasshopper Point?

There is an entry fee for Grasshopper Point. Cash and checks are accepted, but you can’t use a credit card.

  • Day use: $9 per vehicle, per day, up to 5 people 

  • Walk-ins, bicycle, extra person: $2 per person

  • Discounts: Access Interagency Pass holders get 50% off the entry fee. Other passes do not get you a discount.

  • Passes: The Grand Annual Red Rock Pass is accepted.

What is the weather like at Grasshopper Point?

The hot season lasts from early June to mid-September. The average daily high is above 86 degrees F. In July, the average low is 69 and the average high is 93 degrees F.

The cool season lasts from late November to early March. The average daily high is below 62 degrees F. In December, the average low is 36 and the average high is 55 degrees F.

What is the best time of year to visit?

grasshopper point

The best times of year to visit Grasshopper Point are late spring and early fall. You will get warm water temperatures without the summer crowd.

Is it crowded?

Grasshopper Point gets very crowded during the summer and on weekends.

Can you swim in Grasshopper Point?

You can absolutely swim in Grasshopper Point, and most people who visit go for a dip in the water.

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How deep is Grasshopper Point?

The deepest part of the water is estimated to be six to seven feet deep. The depths are unpredictable and there are hidden rocks scattered throughout the pool.

Is Grasshopper Point kid friendly? 

Grasshopper Point is incredibly kid friendly. There are plenty of activities for kids to enjoy, such as:

  • Watching wildlife

  • Fishing

  • Hiking

  • Playing in the water 

  • Picnicking

There are no lifeguards on duty, so kids need to be supervised while swimming. Little kids should only climb the cliffs at their parents’ discretion. 

Is Grasshopper Point dangerous?

Grasshopper Point isn’t inherently dangerous, but reckless activity can be dangerous.

You can fall off the cliffs by accident while climbing, or badly hurt yourself if you cliff jump. 

You should also have a swimming buddy since no lifeguards are on duty.

Have there been accidents at Grasshopper Point? 

In 2011, a 16-year-old fell roughly 30 feet from the cliffs into the water. He was cliff jumping with his classmates.

Bystanders rescued him from drowning, and then he was flown to Flagstaff Medical Center for head injuries.

What are the cliffs like at Grasshopper Point?

The red cliffs tower over you while you swim. They are relatively easy to climb as long as you’re careful.

Can you cliff jump on Grasshopper Point?

grasshopper point


Cliff jumping at Grasshopper Point is discouraged by the Forest Service, but you absolutely can if you want to.

Most people jump from about 20 feet up, while the brave go as far as 35 feet.

Because there are no lifeguards on duty, water levels vary, and the bottom is full of rocks, you need to evaluate the risk yourself and make an informed decision.

Can you bring dogs?

No dogs, or pets of any kind, are allowed at Grasshopper Point.

Can you bring alcohol?

You can’t have any glass containers at Grasshopper Point, but as long as your alcohol isn’t in a glass container, you should be good to go.

Remember that it’s very dangerous to drink and swim. If you want to drink with your buddies, it’s best to stay in the picnic area.

While there are no criminal or civil penalties for public intoxication in Arizona, under certain circumstances, you may be taken to a treatment center.

Are there fish in Grasshopper Point? 

There are plenty of fish in Grasshopper Point, and fishing is a popular activity at the swimming hole.

While the upper sections of Oak Creek can support trout all year, the water in Grasshopper Point gets too warm for them. On rare occasions, water temperatures and oxygen levels are just right for trout.

Otherwise, you will run into more warm water species. You can find:

  • Green sunfish

  • Flathead catfish

  • Channel catfish

  • Rock bass

  • Smallmouth bass

  • Largemouth bass

If you catch a roundtail chub, remember it is a rare species that you are required to release.

Can you camp at Grasshopper Point?

No camping is permitted at Grasshopper Point. Campfires aren’t allowed either.

Tips for visiting Grasshopper Point

The first thing to consider is when you want to go. We highly recommend trying to make it out on a weekday because the parking lot fills right up on the weekends. It’s also very busy in the dead of summer, but too cold to swim in the winter. 

Be prepared to wait your turn to enter the parking lot if you go during a peak period.

Get ready to traverse rocky terrain! Know that there isn’t a “beach” at the water hole- it’s all rocks. So don’t expect to relax on a beach chair! You’ll find yourself standing or sitting on rocks the whole time you’re there.

Some of the best fishing in the area is at Grasshopper Point! If you like fishing, don’t forget your gear.

What to bring to Grasshopper Point

Here are some Grasshopper Point essentials:

  • Water

  • Sunscreen

  • Bathing suit

  • Towel

  • Hiking boots

  • Water shoes

  • Fishing rods

  • Snacks 

  • A map

Where do you park at Grasshopper Point?

There is a paved entrance to the park with a parking lot at the end that can fit about 20 cars. 

If the lot is full, the entrance will be closed until somebody leaves.

What do visitors say about Grasshopper Point?

Visitors love Grasshopper Point!

People mention that the water is cold but feels refreshing in the heat. It’s also said to be prettier in person!

Others say that the creek is difficult to navigate and complain about the small parking lot. But there will always be naysayers. 

Become a visitor and see what you have to say for yourself!

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