The 6 Best Breakfast Burritos In Orange County For 2022

Breakfast burritos contribution to the breakfast sphere can’t be overstated. They are quick, convenient and delicious options for someone who wants their entire breakfast wrapped up in a neat little package.

Plus, they are godsends for people trying to make themselves right after a copious night of boozing.

Here is our carefully curated selections of must-try breakfast burritos in Orange County.

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Nate’s Korner

Nates Korner - Breakfast Burrito Orange County

If you like your breakfast burritos MASSIVE, then look no further than Nate’s. Their gigantic breakfast burrito isn’t all about size either, it’s hefty in taste as well.

Not only do they put sunny side eggs in their burritos, their hash browns are the crunchiest little flavor morsels that synergize in a flavor explosion.

Their pastrami breakfast burrito with 2 sunny side up eggs is a great way to start the day. Albeit you might need to take a quick nap first.

Order ahead. The line can be insane and the parking is a bit small. And don’t forget the salsa!

3960 S Main St D, Santa Ana, CA 92707

Nick’s Deli

Nicks Deli - Breakfast Burrito Orange County

Nick’s serve some of the best breakfast burritos in the city and is the spot to go to if you are all about the chorizo.

Their breakfast burrito comes perfectly filled with eggs, chorizo, bacon, potatoes, and cheese. There’s nothing revolutionary about it, but their burrito is genuinely excellent. If you want to splurge, add some avocado.

This is the perfect way to start a morning when you want to spend a day near the ocean.

223 Main St Seal Beach, CA 90740

Ham ‘N Scram

Ham 'N Scram - Breakfast Burrito Orange County

No roundup of breakfast burritos in Orange County would be complete without mentioning Ham ‘N Scram.

Located in the corner of a strip mall near the 405 fwy, this cozy restaurant serves up the best breakfast burrito in the area.

They generously load up their burritos with savory ham, cheese, egg, and crunchy hash browns. This thing has it all; size, taste and texture!

PLUS their service is outstanding. The owners and the workers are super friendly and welcoming!

5871 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA 92683

Ted’s Place

Teds Place - Breakfast Burrito Orange County

Ted’s Place is an old-school diner in Aliso Viejo where everything on the menu is damn tasty. Suffice to say their breakfast burritos stands out from everything else.

Their breakfast burrito is packed with your choice of bacon or sausage and stuffed with egg, cheese, avocado and salsa. I recommend getting the salsa on the side.

Their burritos are not huge like some of the other places on the list, but its like a sniper, it hits the spot with precision.

They serve breakfast all day, so you can reliably go here when the urge emerges.

23990 Aliso Creek Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Rooster Cafe

Rooster Cafe - Breakfast Burrito Orange County

The most famous creation at Costa Mesa’s Rooster Cafe is undoubtedly their breakfast burrito.

When you sink your teeth into their tortilla filled with eggs, hash browns, cheese and either bacon or Portuguese sausage, you’ll understand why. Pro tip: Get half bacon, half sausage & add avocado

Pair it with the Mexican mocha for an extraordinary treat!

750 St Clair St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Pepes - Breakfast Burrito Orange County

Pepe’s is another old-school spot in Fullerton that serves a no-nonsense breakfast burritos that is hearty in taste and SIZE.

Their behemoth burrito is well known in the neighborhood for being able to slay hangovers.

Have I mentioned that their burritos are huge??? Like 2 pounds huge! 2 pounds of sausage, egg, potatoes and cheese wrapped up like a little baby.

You basically have three options when consuming this monster: You can eat the entire thing and fall into a delirious food coma, you can split it with a friend, or you can cut in half and save the rest for lunch or dinner.

821 N Placentia Ave Fullerton, CA 92831

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