The 12 Best Laguna Niguel Restaurants In 2022

Located in southern Orange County, Laguna Niguel is known for its pleasant suburban tranquility. Although the food scene here is not the greatest, there are a few hidden gems among the chain restaurants that dominate the area. Here is my pick of the 11 best restaurants that Laguna Niguel has to offer.

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The 12 Best Laguna Niguel Restaurants:

Caló Kitchen + Tequila

calo kitchen - laguna niguel

Opened in 2018, by the same restaurateurs of Carmelita’s Kitchen in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calo Kitchen invites guests to come enjoy their authentic Mexican food that has been prepared using only the finest locally sourced ingredients.

The first thing you notice when you walk into Calo is how modern, hip and upscale the restaurant is. Walking in t-shirt and jeans, I felt under-dressed for the occasion, but I was here for the food and my insecurities gave way to hunger.

The food at Calo is very well executed modern take on Mexican food. You will find things like short Short Rib Enchiladas, Rib Eye Tacos and Crispy Carnitas.

One of the highlights of Calo is there vast offerings of Tequila. Starting off with one of their signature margaritas with chips and guacamole is one of those small luxuries in life that makes you forget about all your trouble

While the prices here will lighten your wallet, the portions are generous, the food is top notch and the service is impeccable. Calo Kitchen is truly a unique dining experience that will enlighten your tasting palate and easily makes in our list of Laguna Niguel restaurants that you don’t want to miss!

28141 Crown Valley Pkwy Suite A, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Baja Fish Tacos

baja fish taco

Baja Fish Tacos is easily one of my favorite Laguna Niguel restaurants. You can find me here at least once a week.

Often you will find that a resturant that expands to serveral locations, there will be a noticeable drop off in quality from the original restaurant, but Baja Fish Taco manages keeps everything consistent across their 8 locations.

Everything here is delicious and fresh. Nothing is greasy and there are plenty of ways to make your meal easy on your waist if you are health conscious.

I usually get the shrimp tacos or the carne asada platter. The rice and beans on the platter are freaking amazing. I have no clue what they put in it but they are seriously addictive, yes, rice and beans. Get the guacamole too, it is absolute perfection.

30242 Crown Valley Pkwy, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

China Moon

china moon

China Moon is the best Chinese restaurant in Laguna Niguel. This is not your typical Chinese restaurant where everything is oily and the food leaves you with a feeling of deep regret afterwards.

This is a restaurant that shows westerners that Chinese food is more than just orange chicken and chow mein.

The chef and owner Jackson Chen brings over 30 years of skill and mastery to his cooking and it really shows in each and every dish that he prepares.

The true highlights of the menu are Jackson’ original creations, creations like the Country Garlic Prawns, which are battered prawns that are wok-tossed with garlic, scallions, red bell pepper, cilantro, salt and pepper.

Scallops with Shrimp
sautéed in a white sauce with snow peas, jicama and carrots and which is seared to perfection and Yosi’s Crispy Fish , which is two fish filets battered and fried and drenched in their famous garlic chili sauce.

If you want a taste of what true Chinese food is capable of, China Moon is the spot.

30001 Town Center Dr #4, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


hendrix laguna niguel

(photo: Miss Brunch Bitch)

One restaurant we ALL agreed had to be on our guide of the best Laguna Niguel restaurants is Hendrix.

As you walk into Hendrix you will be immersed in a dreamy, comfortable display of blues and light with a calming vibe. The bar is front and center with a large u-shaped design perfect for people watching! The dining area surrounds the bar on three sides with booths, high tops, dining tables and even a private dining room with accordion doors for an intimate social affair.

The Rotisserie Oven is the heartbeat to Hendrix and it sits proudly right up front. On the Roti you will find: Rosemary and Lemon Chicken, Porchetta Pork Roll, Leg of Colorado Lamb and cradled in the iron baskets just below the meats, we find the drippings landing ever so gently on the petite potatoes infusing them with incredible flavor.

The menu includes a plethora of options in these main categories: Small Plates, Soups/Salads and Larger Plates (yes including Fried Catfish, Double R Ranch Bone-In Ribeye, salmon and pasta dishes). Lots of sharing options to select from.

When it comes to libations, there is a hefty selection of craft cocktails, numerous wines by the glass or bottle, and beers galore (both draft and bottles)!

The wait staff is incredible. Right out of the gate they are warm, friendly and most importantly to me—-they know how items are prepared in the kitchen and can describe it eloquently.

32431 Golden Lantern, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Jizake Sushi

Jizake Sushi

Our favorite sushi spot among other Laguna Niguel restaurants is Jizake Sushi.

They have been around for some time and have quickly made a name for itself as the best sushi spot in town.

Jizake prides itself on the freshest, and highest quality ingredients. Customer can choose from a impressive array of more than 16 sushi and sashimi selections and more than 14 creatively crafted rolls.

The restaurant is small and intimate and the best seats at the house are at the sushi bar, where you will get the full undivided attention of the chefs.

Belgium Waffle Haus

Belgium Waffle Haus

If you are looking for a great breakfast restaurant in Laguna Niguel, look no further than Belgium Waffle Haus.

If you couldn’t already tell by the name of the restaurant, Waffles are the name of the game at Belgium Waffle Haus.

Most everything that you order here will start off with the a base of a light and crispy waffle, that is made from scratch and is quite possibly the most delicious waffle you will ever taste.

On their menu you will find waffle dishes of all varieties; Croque Madame Waffle, Bacon and Egg Waffle, Cranberry Turkey Waffle Sandwich, Tiramasu Waffles and so much more.

Everything here is a treat for the taste buds. Oh and they also serve Stumptown Coffee!

28241 Crown Valley Pkwy, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

The Bistro K

bistro k

Nestled between a postal store and a health spa in an unassuming strip mall, you would never guess that Bistro K serves up the tastiest Italian food in Laguna Niguel.

Bistro K is the culmination of a family’s entire history that spans several generation, many different countries and a multitude of restaurants.

Their menu boasts an excellent array of salads, sandwiches, pastas and Italian favorites, including Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Parmesan and Osso Buco Milanese.

They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, so you can come here anytime of the day and get a good and filling meal.

30100 Town Center Dr, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Tastes of Greece

Tastes of Greece

No list of the best restaurants in Laguna Niguel is complete without Tastes of Greece.

You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to experience the authentic flavors of Greece. Taste of Greece first opened its door in 2009 and has quickly emerged as the preeminent spot for Greek Food in southern Orange County.

The family run operation prides itself on providing the community with its authentic home-style cooking. Their menu boast Greek favorites like Dolmades and Spanakopita to Moussaka and Lamb Souvalki. Everything here is delicious and I have never order anything that has been less than stellar.

The intention here is clear: this place is out to make you a regular.

30012 Crown Valley Pkwy ste G, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Snooze an AM Eatery

snooze laguna niguel

Snooze an AM Eatery easily gets one of the top spots on our list of the best restaurants in Laguna Niguel.

Snooze is the kind of breakfast spot every neighborhood in the city wished they had. Affordable prices, an attentive wait staff that won’t rush you, and of course incredible food!

You can find all the usual suspects on the menu; pancakes, french toast, eggs benedicts, breakfast burritos, oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches and more

Make sure you strategize when you come, the wait times can be brutal especially at peak breakfast/brunch hours on the weekends.

Pro-tip: You can join and view the wait list online before you arrive.

28141 Crown Valley Pkwy Suite B, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Slice Of The Pie Pizza

Slice Of The Pie Pizza

Its hard to come by authentic NY Pizza on the west coast, but Slice Of The Pie Pizza has managed to bring that iconic New York slice to Laguna Niguel.

The ingredients here are carefully sourced and skillfully handled. The dough is laboreredly tossed into a thin crust with the perfect balance of crunch and chew. The sauce is sharp and sweet, and the toppings perfectly harmonize on top of the pizza.

You can order by the slice or by the pie and the first bite will transport your to a crowded street in Brooklyn.

28051 Greenfield Dr. Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


bricco - laguna niguel

Bricco is one of the best rated restaurants in Laguna Niguel and for good reason.

Bricco is a father and son owned restaurant that has been 30 years in the making. Creig Mullikin started his culinary journey in 1986 ago, where he applied his craft in Chicago at his first restaurant, Giorgio’s. His son Jordan, soon caught the culinary bug and was often found in the kitchen trying his hand at cooking.

Many years and a couple restaurants later, they arrived at Bricco, which they purchased, transformed and totally given new life to.

Bricco offers rustic Italian food in a warm and welcoming setting. The menu has a wonderful selection of appetizers, salads, pastas, meat entrees and of course pizza. Really really good pizza!

They also have live music on the weekends, which makes for a great dining experience!

28083 Moulton Pkwy Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Ted’s Places

teds place

There are a lot of options for breakfast and brunch in Laguna Niguel but there is one place that we recommend above all others, Ted’s Place.

Ted’s Place is one of those old school diners that serves everything, but what’s unique about Teds is that everything they serve is good!

I have never been disappointed when I have gone here. I’ve order breakfast, lunch and dinner and I always walk away feeling good about my choices.

Their breakfast burritos are good, their club sandwiches are good, their spaghetti and meatballs are good. Pick anything off that menu and you won’t be disappointed.

The only difficult thing here is not knowing what to pick from their enormous menu.

The portions here are generous and the prices are justifiable.

23990 Aliso Creek Rd, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


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