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Nothing seems quite as American as burgers and fries under neon signs. Today, there is no truer American burger experience than Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, California. As the oldest running Big Boy in the nation, the beloved Burbank restaurant is a slice of 1950’s Americana with a side of crispy french fries. 

Long before the intense revival of nostalgic mid century design, Bob’s Big Boy was once facing demolition in the early 1990’s. Knowing the restaurant’s history and importance, many lobbied to have the location preserved by law. Today, this location is one of the most visited Big Boy locations and for good reason. 

Bob Wian was the owner and operator of a small restaurant chain once called Bob’s Pantry in 1936. They would later become the Big Boy Restaurant Group. At the height of their popularity, there were 240 locations nationwide. Today, there are only 4 Bob’s Big Boy locations still operating. All of these restaurants are located in Southern California. 

The stunning building was designed by Wayne McAllister, a superstar of mid century design. His notable works include Agua Caliente Casino and Hotel in Tijuana and the iconic El Rancho and the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. He also designed many mid century restaurants and coffee shops throughout LA in the 1940’s-1950’s. 

Car Show

To add to the nostalgia of this place, Bob’s Big Boy Burbank hosts classic car shows every Friday night from 4-10pm.

Live as if you have entered a time machine as you enjoy your classic cheeseburger and walk around enjoying the view of the golden age of American cars.

The classic car show is frequented by novice and experienced car enthusiasts alike and you never know who you will run into. Many celebrities, including Jay Leno, are known to frequent the parking lot to appreciate the experience. 

What To Order

"Original" Big Boy Combo 

Never mess with an original. The classic burger that made this restaurant famous is still just as delicious today. Two never frozen beef patties simmered to juicy perfection resting between a fluffy bun and topped with creamy mayo, crisp lettuce, melty cheese, and of course a dollop of the ever famous red relish. 

Famous Fried Chicken

A burger restaurant famous for fried chicken? You bet. Not only does Bob’s Big Boy bring customers in flocks for their juicy burger, but this crispy fried chicken meal is as classic Americana as it can get. Hand breaded with their own secret recipe, called Pappy’s recipe, this fried chicken basket comes with 4 pieces of chicken and your choice of potatoes and a vegetable. 

Big Ham Steak Breakfast 

Think Bob’s Big Boys is just for lunch or dinner? Think again! In yet another surprising twist, Bob’s Big Boy Burbank keeps it true to its coffee house root with its famous thick cut, sugar cured ham steak breakfast. Served with three eggs your way, hash browns or home fires and your choice of English muffin, toast, or biscuit. There is no better way to start your day. 

Country Fried Steak

Is there any breakfast that is more classic American than country fried steak? Deliciously crispy steak topped with a heap of steaming country gravy is just the centerpiece of this infamous breakfast. Served with three eggs your way, but we recommend sunny side up for the delicious runny egg yolk, perfect for dipping your toast, English muffin, or biscuit. Home fried or crispy hash browns round out the choices for your iconic time travel breakfast. 

4211 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91505

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