The 9 Best Houston Flea Markets

Flea markets are a great place to scope out a new outfit, the perfect dresser to fill the empty corner in your house, old school records, and so much more. Plus, shopping fleas is an experience. You never know what you’ll find, so you spend your time there exploring all the vendors.

Here is a list of all the best Houston flea markets where you can assuredly pick up some good finds.


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The 9 Best Houston Flea Markets

Montrose Live & Night Market

Montrose Live & Night Market - Flea Market Houston

The Montrose Market is everything vintage and local. Every single Sunday, shop vintage fashion, toys, and music and local art, jewelry, beauty brands, and more.

What makes Montrose stand out from other markets is free beer. Yes, you read that right: free beer! Definitely a younger and more innovative market, The Montrose Market knows how to bring in the crowds.

You can wander the vendors while sipping an ice coffee and find the perfect new plant for your apartment, statement piece of jewelry, or gift for a friend!

Fall in love with Montrose but you’re not free on Sunday? Shop the night market. Open Friday through Sunday nights from 6 to 11 pm, there are still loads of vendors and food trucks, too.

No doubt, this is a Houston flea market that you don’t want to miss!

Traders Village

Since 1989, Traders Village has been home to a whopping 2,000 vendors that are spaced out over more than 105 acres of trade and is one of the best flea markets in Houston. It’s a bargain hunter’s paradise. They lay claim to being the largest market on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Open every Saturday and Sunday, you can shop ’til you drop from 10 to 5 pm. Parking costs $5, but gives you access to so many things. Unlike your usual flea market piled up with retro clothes, Traders Village goes beyond vintage rags.

There is everything under the sun to browse, from clothing to home goods to automotive wear and electronics. Pick up metal art, pet supplies, a new mattress, and a suitcase to lug it all home in.

The Village is also home to events – check their calendar for live music, health fairs, and more.

Houston Flea Market

Indoor, outdoor, the Houston Flea Market has it all. Come rain or come shine you can shop for vintage finds and great deals at this Houston flea market.

The Houston Flea is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 8pm, but outdoor vendors shut up shop at dusk.

There are over 600 trades persons selling new and used merchandise. You can find clothings, furniture and home goods, crafts, collectibles, books, and more. There are even fresh produce stands.

Every weekend at the Houston Flea promises live bands and karaoke.

There’s even entertainment for the kids: clown shows, pony rides, train rides, and more. It’s a whole day out full of fun, with plenty of food vendors to keep you running. 

Cole’s Antique Village & Flea Market

Pearland in south Houston has been home to Cole’s Flea Market since 1968. The second largest flea market in Houston, Cole’s is spread over 44 acres of land on which they host over 1,300 vendors.

That’s over twice the size of the Houston Flea and open just as often. You can shop Cole’s every weekend from 8am to 5pm.

Cole’s is also home to Comida Park, a specially designated food truck park with tons of options serving cuisines from around the world.

Comida Park is actually open every single day of the week, but it’s best to pair your visit with a trip to Cole’s Flea Market. It costs $3 to park, but you can’t put a price on the treasures you’ll find here.

Sunny Flea Market

Want to have a look around little Mexico? The Sunny Flea Market has been described as a little taste of home for the full Latino market experience.

You have your usual flea vendors, but Sunny is also known to have many pet vendors, selling birds, turtles, rabbits, and more.

According to reviews, the best reason by far to visit Sunny Flea Market is for the eating. People rave about the food at the flea and especially gush over the tacos and antojitos.

Be warned that it’s a popular space, so it can get crowded, but it’s easy to catch a breath in the calmer middle aisle. Parking costs $2.

Hip Hop Vintage

Hip Hop Vintage is a cultural phenomenon and one of our favorite Houston flea markets. It’s the love child of Resale Folds and BgirlCity. The former is a resale vintage business and the latter is a worldwide hiphop platform.

Together, the two have partnered to create a hip hop-dedicated vintage market. Hip Hop Vintage calls 8th Wonder Brewing Company home. It’s a monthly event that houses 60 vendors and performances, including rap and breakdance battles.

The overall style? 90s-era basketball tees. The market has only continued to grow since it first started four years ago.

They’ve even branched out to a pop-up version of Hip Hop Vintage in the Bronx, New York. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for their monthly date.

Texas Antique Weekend

Hardly a simple weekend stop for bargains, the Texas Antique Weekend is a bi-annual event that collectors wait months for. It’s a ways out from Houston, but well worth the trip if you’re in the market for some amazing antique finds.

There are your usual suspects: vintage jewelry, apparel, and home-ware, collectibles, and furniture; but this show also specializes in industrial and architectural salvage.

Vendors come from all across the country, so you’re not limited to local antiques. It’s certainly worth the wait. Antiques Weekend is actually longer than it sounds, lasting for two and a half weeks.

It usually kicks off the first weekend of April and the last of October. There are a couple sites to visit spread out right in between Austin and Houston. 

Flea at Silver Street

The Flea at Silver Street is a curated market, meaning that its organizers hand-select vendors from applicants to make sure they provide the best experience for shoppers.It’s a monthly event, with these specially select vendors set up inside come rain or come shine.

What makes Silver Street Flea extra special is that they regularly update their list of vendors on their website, allowing you to browse in advance or follow up with a vendor in case you want to buy more in between fleas!

The event is held in the Silver Street Studios, an arts and events complex choc full of other cool bits to explore. It costs $5 to enter, but there’s free parking.

Chengs Flea Market

On the north end of Houston towards the airport, Cheng’s Flea Market is a low-key event with no pretensions at being an antique dealer’s haven.

Its ten aisles full of open-air vendors are the ideal place to scope out tools, small electronics, and household items, to name a few.

There’s also a good selection of toys and video games. You can hope to find modern collectibles at a bargain, as well as your usual clothes, beauty and cosmetics, music, and jewelry.

Like Sunny Flea Market, Cheng’s is also known for its fantastic food vendors, specializing in tacos, elotes, and churros. They’re open every weekend from 8 – 6pm. It costs $2 to park.

Map of Houston Flea Markets

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