Is Rockford, IL Safe? [2022 Crime Rates And Crime Stats]

If you are thinking about visiting Rockford, Illinois and have some qualms about the safety of the city, we got you covered.

We are going to deep dive into the statistics, look at some maps, graphs and talk to the residents of the city to give you a better understanding of how safe Rockford really is.

Is Rockford IL Safe

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Is Rockford, IL Safe?

Statistically speaking, Rockford is not the safest city to visit. It consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous cities in the United Stats and in 2021, Rockford had a violent crime rate of 1,496.16 per 100,000 people. Rockford’s crime rate is nearly 4 times greater than the national average.

Rockford, IL Crime Rate

Here’s a graph showing you how Rockford’s crime rate compares to the most dangerous cities in the U.S.

Most Dangerous Cities US - Rockford, IL

Rockford Crime Rates

Violent Crime Rate

In 2021 Rockford reported 2,210 violent crimes and had a violent crime rate of 1,496.16 per 100,000 people.

  • Year over year violent crime has increased by 5%.
  • You have a 1 in 67 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Rockford.

Here’s a graph showing you how violent crime has trended in Rockford over a 12 year period.

Violent Crimes In Rockford, IL Graph

Murder Rate

In 2021, Rockford reported 19 murders and had a murder rate of 12.86 per 100,000 people. Rockford’s murder rate is nearly 2 times higher than the national average.

  • Year over year murder has decreased by 37%.
  • You have a 1 in 7,774 chance of becoming a victim of murder in Rockford.

Here’s a graph showing you how murders has trended in Rockford over a 12 year period.

Homicides In Rockford, IL Graph

Property Crime Rate

In 2021 Rockford reported 3,573 property crimes and had a property crime rate of 2,418.91 per 100,000 people.

  • Year over year property crime in Rockford has decreased by 13%.
  • You have a 1 in 41 chance of becoming a victim of property crime in Rockford.

Here’s a graph showing you how property crime has trended in Rockford over a 12 year period.

Property Crimes In Rockford, IL Graph

Rockford, IL Crime Stats

Here’s a breakdown of all the crimes in the city for 2020 and 2021:



Percentage Change





Aggravated Assault




















Motor Vehicle Theft
















What do Residents of Rockford say about its safety?

  1. Rockford is an absolute wreck of a city. The city is full of boarded up shops, violence, and bad infrastructure and there are barely any businesses open.
  2. The crime in Rockford is high, but it’s not so bad that it’s being made out to be.
  3. There are some places in Rockford that you should avoid at all cost. Stay away from those places, and you’ll be fine.
  4. The east side is definitely the safer part of the city.
  5. I was born and raised here and it’s not a bad place to live or visit. It’s just like any other city with good places and bad places. If you avoid the bad places you minimize your chance of being a victim.
  6. Whatever you do, stay on the east side. The west side is like a war zone.
  7. I’ve live here for the better part of a decade and there is definitely a crime problem. Gun violence is very common, however it is generally limited to the lower income areas but not exclusive.
  8. Rockford’s reputation is much worse than the city actually is. It absolutely has it bad spots, but you are not going to get shot for just existing. Violent crime is usually gang on gang violence.
  9. The good neighborhood is the East side. The West side is not so great and should be avoided.

Is Rockford safe at night?

Rockford can be safe at night if you avoid the bad neighborhoods

As with most cities, the general consensus is that the more people that are out at night in certain areas, the more likely you are to be safe.

If you’re visiting Rockford it’s unlikely you’ll be out too late. If you make it to closing time at the bar we salute you, but just remember that alcohol and unfamiliar settings don’t mix well.

Chase a night out with a taxi or Uber and you’re more likely to be safe than walking home.

Is it safe to visit alone?

Rockford can be a safe place to visit alone as long as you learn the layout of the city, stay out of the bad areas and maintain awareness at all time.

Rockford Safety Tips

  • Download a ride-share app, even if you don’t usually use them. When visiting a new city that you’re unfamiliar with, it’s easier to get home quickly and safely even if it means spending a fiver.
  • If you need to walk somewhere at night, check your route before you head out. Come up with something to help you remember your route, like a song or rhyme, in case you can’t check your phone for whatever reason. Even know which is the wrong way, so that if you see that street sign, you know you’ve made a bad turn.
  • Buy a portable phone charger. It’s a pain to carry around one with a wall plug, especially if you won’t have a chance to use it! Going to a concert or sporting event is unlikely to give you an option to charge your phone and we all know what a pain it is to ask the bartender to do it. A portable charger ensures you’ve got enough battery to find your way home or back to your friends if you get split up.
  • Stay on well-lit and well populated areas. Avoid going through alleys. It’s better to take a longer way around if it’s well lit and more people are walking it.
  • Do your research before you visit. Familiarize yourself with the good and bad neighborhood. Plan your trip accordingly.
  • Walking alone at night is always a risky activity in an urban area.
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout of the city. Know which parts are good and which parts to avoid.


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