The School Lunches In South Korea Put U.S. School Lunches To Shame!

Seasoned bean sprouts (콩나물무침), seasoned spinach (시금치나), spicy peppers with anchovies (꽈리고추멸치무침), pickled radish (단무지무침), sticky rice (찹쌀밥), beef noodle soup (고기국수), yogurt drink! (요구르트), green tea seasoned roasting seaweed (녹차김)


Oxtail Soup, Japchae, and Various Banchan


Cube Steak, Blood Sausage Soup, and Various Banchan!


Braised sweet pumpkin and galbi (단호박갈비찜), kimchi (김치), sauce for the Kim and rice (양념장), stir fried sausages (소시지볶음), rice (밥), seaweed (김), mallow soup (아욱국), yogurt!!!!! (요구르트)


pork backbone stew (감자탕), short rib patty (떡갈비), and Various banchan (모듬 반찬)


ham jjigae (모듬 햄 찌개), fried chicken (치킨), and assorted Banchan (모듬 반찬)


blood sausage soup (순대국), fried chicken (치킨), marinated quail eggs, and Various Banchan! (모듬 반찬)!


Fried halibut with a sweet sauce (순살가자미강정), chicory apple salad (치커리사과무침) kimchi (김치), three colored honey rice cakes (삼색꿀떡), stir fried chicken and veggies (닭살채소볶음), shepherd’s purse soybean soup (냉이된장국)


Beef Bone Soup, Short Rib Patty, Squid, and Various Banchan!


Squid radish soup (오징어무국), spicy stir fried pork (제육볶음), random pancakes (모듬 전), and Various Banchan! (모듬 반찬)


beef noodle soup (소고기 칼국수), sticky rice (찹쌀밥) and Various banchan! (모듬 반찬)


Grilled camping meats (캠핑구이), lettuce (상추), kimchi (김치), chewy spicy noodles (쫄면), rice (밥), spicy peppers (청양고추), ssamjang (쌈장), tuna kimchi Jjigae (참치김치찌개), chocolate milk!! (가나초코우유)


One bite pickled radish (한입단무지), kimchi (김치), salad with Citron dressing (그린샐러드 w/ 유자 드레싱), pork cutlet egg mayo rice (돈까스계란마요덮밥), udon (우동),  tangerine! (귤)


Meatballs (미트볼), pepper leaf mixed with fermented soybean (고춧잎된장무침), kimchi (김치), salad (샐러드), mapa tofu (마파두부), spicy squid radish soup (매콤오징어무국) sweet rice drink (식혜)


Mariska Lee

Mariska is a recovering attorney who gave up her professional job to discover new perspectives of life while traveling in a 2009 Ford Transit. She has been living the van life for 3 years and has not looked back since.

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