What Ever Happened to Khrystyne Haje from Head of the Class?

Khrystyne Haje - Head of the Class

You may know Khrystyne Haje from her role as Simone on ABC series Head of the Class. While this series put Khrystyne in the spotlight, what has she been up to since then? For example, is she still acting?

Keep reading to get answers to all your questions about Khrystyne Haje, from her early days to what she’s been up to most recently.

Early Days

Khrystyne was born Khrystyne Kamil Haje in December 21, 1968. Growing up in a multicultural family (Lebanese and Czech), she was born in Santa Clara, California, and had four siblings (all brothers).

From a young age, Khrystyne got into modeling and acting. By the age of 14, she appeared as a fashion model on various magazine covers and billboards. Not long thereafter, she transitioned to commercials and eventually acting.

In the mid-1980s, Khrystyne got her big break: the role of Simone on ABC’s Head of the Class.

Head of the Class

Khrystyne Haje - Head of the Class

Khrystyne Haje was one of the original cast members for Head of the Class, which ran on ABC from 1986 to 1991. The series followed a group of promising students in the Honors Program at Millard Fillmore High School (a made-up school) in Manhattan. The lead actor was Howard Hesseman in the role of history teacher Charlie Moore.

Khrystyne played the role of Simone, a mild-mannered and intellectual redhead with a major appreciation for poetry. She developed a relationship with Eric Mardian (played by Brian Robbins). Eric was the tough guy (on the surface), motorcycle and all, but an aspiring writer on the inside. He often flirted with Simone, and they carried out a hot-and-cold romance.

Head of the Class might often be remembered nowadays due to the many well-known actors that appeared on the show before their heyday, such as Ke Huy Quan of Goonies and Indiana Jones fame, and even Brad Pitt.

During and After Head of the Class

Khrystyne Haje  - Scanner Cop

During the run of Head of the Class, Khrystyne acted in various TV shows and movies, including ABC’s Afterschool Specials and CBS Schoolbreak Special. She also guest-starred in an episode of Growing Pains.

After her big break with Head of the Class, Khrystyne continued to act. She even appeared uncredited in Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” music video. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Khrystyne would appear in a range of shows and movies. She’s best known for her appearances in Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which came in 2002-2003.

Khrystyne has rarely acted since then, with just two acting credits, though the most recent was in 2021.

What Is Khrystyne Haje Doing Now?

Khrystyne Haje now

Following her success in Head of the Class and her various acting roles in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, it seems that Khrystyne has largely retired from acting. But what else has she been up to since?

Khrystyne is passionate about philanthropy and has long aimed to serve others. For example, she is an active board member of a non-profit, Friends of Barefoot College, which trains women in underdeveloped communities to be solar engineers, and provides the solar equipment necessary to power their villages.

During the Gulf War, Khrystyne earned a Civilian Medal of Honor from the U.S. Government for entertaining U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf on the Bob Hope USO Tour.

Khrystyne also founded ECO, the Earth Communication Office, which is an environmental group.

While Khrystyne seems to have mostly retired from acting, she is still making a large impact with these philanthropic endeavors.

Khrystyne began her professional career as a model, which you imagine may have had some level of impact on her personal life as well.

In fact, Khrystyne was named one of People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World.”

Unfortunately, Khrystyne has also faced health issues in her life. She was successfully treated for breast cancer in 2012, and donated her hair that year on the Rachael Ray Show to support women with cancer.

In 2015, she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Fortunately a new medical trial (SM-88) helped completely free her of cancer within two years. Given just two more years to live at the time, Khrystyne is still going strong as of 2023. You go Khrystyne!

You can connect with Khrystyne on social media through her Instagram or her Cameo. Cameo, if you’re unaware, allows you to commission personal messages from celebrities. Khrystyne would make a great pick for any Head of the Class or Law & Order die-hards in your life! You can book a personalized video with Khrystyne for $35 at the time of writing.

And if you still want to learn more about Khrystyne, you can check out her personal website, where she has an array of photos and a full biography and resume.

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