Whatever Happened to Raushan Hammond from Hook?

Raushan Hammond - Hook

Raushan Hammond is best known for his role as one of the “lost boys” in the classic ‘90s movie Hook, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Apart from a few other small roles, however, he has largely retired and been out of the public eye. So, whatever happened to Raushan Hammond from Hook?

Early Days

Raushan Hammond was born on February 23, 1982, in Los Angeles County, California, not far from Hollywood, where he would soon make his mark.

The son of Clay Hammond, a well-known R&B/soul singer and songwriter and member of the band Drifters, Raushan was exposed early on to the entertainment industry. He was even in Michael Jackson’s video for Bad at the age of 7 in 1989.

Given his dad’s background, the family’s proximity to Hollywood, and young Raushan’s infectious smile, it’s perhaps no surprise that he was cast at only nine years old in Steven Spielberg’s Hook (1991).


Raushan Hammond - Hook

A somewhat polarizing film today in terms of its public reception, Hook was Steven Spielberg’s retelling of the famous Peter Pan story by J.M. Barrie. In the film, we see that Peter Pan has left Neverland and is all grown up. So much so, that he’s become a boring, unadventurous corporate lawyer. Peter (played brilliantly by Robin Williams) has forgotten Neverland and everything it represents.

Soon into the film, however, Peter is whisked off by Tinkerbell back to Neverland so he can reunite with the Lost Boys and take on Captain Hook (played by Dustin Hoffman). One of these Lost Boys was cast to Raushan Hammond, who played Thud Butt. Thud Butt stands out for his big frame, friendly grin, and the fact he gives Peter the marbles left in Neverland by former Lost Boy Tootles.

With big stars, including Williams, Hoffman, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins, Maggie Smith, and more, as well as a popular director in Steven Spielberg, Hook was a box-office smash, raking in $300 million on a $70 million budget.

After Hook

Raushan Hammond - Family Matters

Following his breakthrough at just nine years old with Hook, Raushan Hammond was cast in a few more roles in the 1990s, including in Tales from the Crypt, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, ER, and Family Matters. As a guest on what were all popular shows at the time, Raushan became a familiar face for millions of American households (not to mention around the world).

After his role in Family Matters in 1995, however, Raushan appears to have retired from acting. It was only in 2011 when he picked up another acting credit as Norman in 24 Hours in Las Vegas, about which there is little information.

What Is Raushan Hammond Doing Now?

Raushan Hammond now


Raushan Hammond was fortunate to have landed a big movie at only nine years old, and he parlayed that into a respectable string of small roles from 1993 to 1995. Since these child-acting days, however, Raushan has essentially retired from acting. So, what has been up to since then?

Raushan has switched gears and left acting in the past. He is now a professional magician who it would appear works in Las Vegas, which is, after all, a popular spot for magic shows.

Raushan Hammond now


In addition to this work, Raushan attempted to use the crowdfunding website Kickstarter back in 2017 to, well, kickstart his plan to create a Hook sequel, called Hook Vs. Neverland. Raushan wrote and developed a full-length screenplay, but the campaign did not meet its funding goal, and no Hook sequel has ever been made.

Raushan’s film would have seen a 30-year-old Thudbutt living in London as a full-time writer. He ends up returning to Neverland to reunite with the Lost Boys, in a plot that very much mirrors the original movie.

Personal Life

Very little is known about Raushan Hammond’s personal life, beyond his musician father Clay, a singer-songwriter who was in the band Drifters. Originally from the Hollywood area, Raushan was exposed to the entertainment industry, and while he seems to have retired from acting, he continues to entertain through his magic shows.

At this time it is unknown whether Raushan has ever married or had children. As stated, he has kept a relatively low public profile and not much is publicly available.

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