Fact Checking

At Wanderer, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. In the pursuit of providing our readers with accurate, reliable, and trustworthy content, we have instituted a stringent fact-checking policy. Our goal is to ensure the information disseminated via our platform is true, accurate, and devoid of misrepresentations.

Our Commitment

We pledge to deliver truthful and unbiased information, upholding the fundamental principles of journalistic integrity and trust. Our commitment includes transparency in our work, correction of errors promptly and prominently, and diligence in validating sources.

Fact-Checking Process

Step 1: Source Verification

We ensure that all our news articles, reports, and opinion pieces are based on information gathered from credible, reliable, and primary sources. These may include verified social media accounts, press releases, reputable news agencies, official statements, and direct interviews with credible sources.

Step 2: Information Validation

Every piece of data, quote, and statistic is cross-checked against multiple credible sources for accuracy. We utilize reliable databases, academic studies, and verified reports to confirm the validity of any statistical or factual claims.

Step 3: Review & Approval

Once the data is verified, the piece goes through a multi-tiered editorial review process where senior editors scrutinize every aspect, focusing on the accuracy of facts. The story is only published once it passes this thorough inspection.


In the event that an error is identified in any of our publications, it will be corrected immediately and prominently. The correction will note what the error was, the correct information, and when the correction was made. If the error is significant, we will also issue an apology.


We disclose any conflicts of interest that could compromise the impartiality of our reporting. This includes disclosing any financial or personal connections that our staff might have with the subjects of our reporting.


We value and welcome our readers’ feedback. If you believe we have made a factual error, we encourage you to contact us directly via our “Contact Us” page. We commit to investigate any claims of factual inaccuracies promptly and thoroughly.

Updates and Revisions

This policy is subject to revision and updates to improve our commitment to fact-checking and to incorporate any new tools or practices that emerge in the industry. We will transparently disclose any significant changes in our policy to our readers.

By adhering to this policy, we aspire to ensure that our blog is a reliable source of entertainment news. We appreciate your trust and pledge to uphold the values of honesty, accuracy, and accountability in our reporting.

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