Why I Van Life

Why I Van Life

Sometimes life needs a reset. Everything in my life was going just fine, as viewed from the outside. Inside I knew that I wanted something else. Not more. Not exactly, anyway, but different. The life I had, and the path […]

Auyuittuq national park

Is Auyuittuq National Park Worth Visiting?

Auyuittuq (ow-you-we-took) National Park is a beautiful and serene landscape on the eastern shore of Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. While it’s considered a national park, Auyuittuq is a part of the network Parks Canada, Canada’s equivalent to the U.S. National […]

what is a travel trailer

What is a Travel Trailer?

It is estimated that over 25 million Americans, if not more, took to the open road over the summer of 2019, taking in the sites and enjoying the great outdoors. Though hotels and resorts offer an excellent option for today’s […]

best gym for van life

The Best Gym Memberships for Van Life

If you’re thinking about going full-time in your van there are some things that definitely change. For instance, staying in a campground with shower facilities won’t be possible every day and those “wet wipe showers” soon get old, especially if […]

is congaree national park worth visiting

Is Congaree National Park Worth Visiting?

Congaree National Park is a 27,000 acre park located in Hopkins, South Carolina. The closest major city is Columbia, about 20 miles northwest of Congaree. The park’s southern border runs along the Congaree River, with several smaller lakes, creeks, and […]

van life with a cat

How To Van Life With A Cat

Van Life With a Cat – Is It Doable? Short answer: Yes! It is totally doable, but there are some things you can do to make it easier on both you and your cat. There are, of course, some challenges […]

how to explain van life to parents

How to Explain Van Life to Your Parents

So you’ve given the idea of van living a great deal of thought, and you have spent months, maybe years preparing for this next mobile chapter of your life. Even if you have all of your bases covered, and have […]