national parks pass

What Is A National Parks Pass?

Whether you’re already an avid traveler or you’re just starting out, you obviously have a passion for getting out there and seeing what else this world has to offer. There’s something so thrilling and terrifying about traveling to a completely […]

is it legal to live in your van

Is It Legal To Live In A Van?

As the #vanlife movement continues trending on social media, more and more people have decided to trade in their standard houses for a home on wheels.  While living in a van can offer you the freedom to travel the world, […]

How Do You Get Your Mail While Living In A Van?

Anyone who has lived in a van or thought about doing so will know that one of the biggest struggles is getting mail and packages delivered. Some people choose to live in a van to to explore the world without […]

worst things about van life

10 Worst Things About Van Life That No One Tells You About

The concept of van living has gained a large amount of popularity over the last few years.  People are trading in their one-bedroom apartments for a life on the road in converted utility vehicles.  It’s Jack Kerouac’s dream transplanted to […]