What Ever Happened to Shawna Waldron, ‘Becky’ From ‘Little Giants’?

Shawna Waldron - Little Giants

The 1990s had a boom of movies starring child actors. Films like The Sandlot and Little Rascals captured our hearts with their adorable and quirky stars.

This cinematic trend also showed the rise of girl power in movies like The Parent Trap and Switching Goals. These films showed young tomboys “stick it to the man” and get up to wacky shenanigans with their rag-tag friends, ultimately in the name of feminism. Many of these movies, and their stars, are still significant today, like Lindsey Lohan.

One iconic feminist movie was Little Giants, which starred Shawna Waldron as the underdog protagonist, Becky “Icebox” O’Shea, in the male-dominated world of pee wee football. Though it went on to become a beloved girl power movie, Little Giants was released 29 years ago. So, what has Shawna Waldron been doing since? Keep reading to find out.

Background Info

Shawna Langill Waldron was born on January 25, 1982 in Glendale, California. From an early age, she was a tomboy interested in acting. This made her perfect as Icebox. Regarding her upbringing, Waldron is a very private person. She has not released any information regarding her parents, siblings, or education.

Before her major role, Waldron worked on a project titled “The New Kid,” but it was never released. She also worked in a string of small commercials before landing her big break.

Little Giants

In 1994, Waldron starred in Little Giants as the protagonist Becky “Icebox” O’Shea. Despite being the most talented, Becky was denied a position on her uncle’s pee wee football team because she is a girl.

After this, she convinces her awkward father, played by Rick Moranis, to coach her and the other rejects as a new team: the Little Giants. Despite many setbacks, each misfit overcomes their own personal demons. And at the last moment, Becky and the Little Giants defeat her uncle’s team, making it an ultimate win for feminism and tomboys everywhere.

What did she do after Little Giants?

Little Giants launched Waldron to stardom, fulfilling her dreams of being an actress at only 12 years old. Afterwards, Waldron played Michael Douglas’ daughter, Lucy Shepherd, in the movie The American President. She also played the role of Jennifer Simms in an episode of the crime TV show Moloney in 1996.

Shawna Waldron - Ladies Man

In 1999, Waldron starred in season one of Ladies Man as Bonnie Stiles, the teenage daughter of Alfred Molina and Sharon Lawrence. Though the CBS sitcom only lasted two seasons, it centered on Jimmy Stiles (Molina), a woodworker and the only man living with a variety of women: his wife, his mother, his mother-in-law, his ex-wife, and two daughters, all under one roof. Waldron was nominated for Best Performance in a TV comedy series, Supporting Young Actress category, from the Twenty-First Annual Young Artist Awards for 1998–1999 for her role in the show. She was replaced in season two by Kaley Cuoco.

After these roles, Waldron appeared in a variety of films, television, and made-for-TV-movies. She was in the movies The Yellow Sign, 3 Days in L.A., Dead Man Rising, and Lizzie. She starred in television films like Police Guys, for which she won the Action on Film Award in the Outstanding Cast Performance category.

Shawna Waldron - Poison Ivy

She is also known for her role as Azalea in Poison Ivy: The Secret Society. She produced and starred in To Kill a Mockumentary in 2004 and Char-ac-ter in 2009.

What is Shawna Waldron doing now?

Shawna Waldron has been an actress since 1994 in Little Giants, but she has not been actively linked to a project since 2019. She has spent the majority of her life in Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides. She recently celebrated her 41st birthday. Shawna Waldron has been romantically linked to writer, director, and producer, Adam Dick. The pair worked together on “Nightlights” and “Teacher.”

Shawna Waldron now


Waldron is available on social media. Her Instagram page is available @shawnawaldronoffical, where she lovingly has “Icebox” in her biography. She also identifies herself as an “Actor/Director/Writer.” She joined Twitter in 2012 as @ShawnaWaldron. Her latest post was in 2019, when she excitedly announced that her script advanced to the second round of Austin Film Fest. Her last role was in 2019 and it’s unknown what she has brewing as a writer or producer.

Personal Life

According to Waldron’s Instagram, she and Dick have been exclusive since September 9, 2019. She also has remained close with her Little Giants co-star, Todd Bosley. She is a self-proclaimed animal lover with multiple cats named Holly and Queen. On her social media, Waldron likes and shares memes, tidbits of her life (such as surprise birthday breakfasts and cat photos), and her political views, which lean left. She supports Black Lives Matter, environmentalism, the LGBTQ+ community, and the #DefundthePolice movement. Currently, Waldron has no children.

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