Jennifer Aniston Reflects on the Unlikely Horror Film That Kickstarted Her Career

Jennifer Aniston - Leprachaun

Jennifer Aniston, a name synonymous with the world of television and film, has had a career filled with highs and lows. From her iconic role as Rachel Green in “Friends” to her various film roles, Aniston has proven her versatility and talent. However, one particular film stands out in her career, not for its success but for its peculiarity: “Leprechaun.”

Early Career and Struggles

Jennifer Aniston’s journey to stardom was not an easy one. Growing up, she attended the High School of Performing Arts, where she took acting classes and even performed a Shakespeare monologue for her audition. Despite her passion for acting, she faced challenges in her early career.

In an interview, Aniston revealed her struggles with auditions, especially for commercials. She recalled the ridiculousness of pretending to be at a party, eating hamburgers, and acting like she knew everyone. She even landed a commercial for Bob’s Big Boy, but it was not a breakthrough.

Aniston’s early career included off-off-off-off-off-off Broadway roles and waitressing at Jackson Hole.

She never lost faith in herself, even when she faced rejection. Her determination and belief in her abilities kept her going.

Moving to LA and the Breakthrough

Aniston decided to move to LA to pursue her acting career. The initial struggle was real, but she never gave up.

She lived with her dad, did telemarketing, and even borrowed money for headshots.

Three months after moving to LA, she landed a role in “Malloy” with Mayim Bialik. Though the show lasted only six episodes, Aniston never felt destroyed.

Her faith in herself and perhaps a bit of blind faith or ignorance kept her moving forward.

The Infamous “Leprechaun”

Jennifer Aniston - Leprachaun

Before her big break in “Friends,” Aniston took on a role that she would later cringe at: the 1993 horror film “Leprechaun.” In the interview, she humorously expressed her thoughts on the film, stating that she thought she had “arrived” when she did it.

The film also starred Warwick Davis, known for “Willow,” which seemed like a big deal at the time.

However, “Leprechaun” is not a film Aniston looks back on fondly. She revealed that she watched it eight years ago with her then-fiancé, Justin Theroux, just for fun.

She tried to grab the remote out of his hand, but he insisted on watching it. The film has become a sort of bane of her existence, a quirky footnote in an otherwise illustrious career.


Jennifer Aniston - Leprachaun

Upon its release, “Leprechaun” was largely panned by critics. Many found the film’s plot to be inane and its horror elements to be schlocky.

The script was criticized for bordering on the absurd, with attempts at pithy riddles and one-liners that often fell flat.

Some critics also took issue with the film’s portrayal of Irish stereotypes and its bizarre narrative choices, such as the Leprechaun’s obsession with shining shoes.

However, not all reviews were entirely negative. Warwick Davis’ portrayal of the Leprechaun was praised by some for its comedic elements, and the film’s unique premise was acknowledged by a few as being entertaining in a campy way.

Among viewers, “Leprechaun” has garnered a cult following. While it may not have struck a pot of box office gold, it did manage to rake in a respectable $8.6 million.

Fans of the film appreciate its blend of horror and comedy, and its status as a “so-bad-it’s-good” movie has helped it endure.

From Missteps to Stardom

Jennifer Aniston’s journey from a struggling actress to a Hollywood star is inspiring. Her determination, faith in herself, and willingness to take on various roles, even those she might later regret, show her commitment to her craft.

“Leprechaun” may not be a highlight in Aniston’s career, but it’s a testament to her willingness to take risks and her path to success. Her story is a reminder that not every step in a career will be a shining success, but each step, even the missteps, contributes to the overall journey.

Aniston’s career has since soared with numerous successful films and television shows, but “Leprechaun” remains a humorous and humbling reminder of where she started.

It’s a film that, while not celebrated, is part of the tapestry that makes Jennifer Aniston the beloved and respected actress she is today.

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