van life with a cat

How To Van Life With A Cat

Van Life With a Cat – Is It Doable? Short answer: Yes! It is totally doable, but there are some things you can do to make it easier on both you and your cat. There are, of course, some challenges […]

how to explain van life to parents

How to Explain Van Life to Your Parents

So you’ve given the idea of van living a great deal of thought, and you have spent months, maybe years preparing for this next mobile chapter of your life. Even if you have all of your bases covered, and have […]

how to get better gas mileage camper van

11 Ways To Get Better Gas Mileage In A Camper Van

When people think of living in a van full-time, they usually think it means you have all this spare cash laying around because you’re not paying rent anymore. While living in a van can save you money, it all depends […]

How Do You Get Your Mail While Living In A Van?

Anyone who has lived in a van or thought about doing so will know that one of the biggest struggles is getting mail and packages delivered. Some people choose to live in a van to to explore the world without […]