“What? That’s Allowed? Marvel Never Told Me I Could Do That!” – Scarlett Johansson’s Surprising Confession About Her Black Widow Costume

Scarlett Johansson - Black Widow

In a recent appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Scarlett Johansson, the beloved actress behind Marvel’s Black Widow, shared some intriguing insights into her experiences working with Marvel Studios. From never using her Black Widow costume for Halloween to the challenges of keeping Marvel’s secrets, Johansson’s candid conversation provided fans with a rare glimpse into the life of a Marvel superstar.

Marvel Costumes for Halloween? Not for Scarlett!

When Kelly Clarkson asked Johansson if she had ever used her Black Widow costume for Halloween, her response was one of genuine surprise and disbelief. “What? That’s allowed? Marvel never told me I could do that,” she exclaimed.

This revelation came after Jeremy Renner’s previous admission that he had used his Hawkeye costume for Halloween. Johansson’s strict adherence to Marvel’s rules contrasted sharply with Clarkson’s playful suggestion that some, like Renner, might prefer to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

A Decade of Secrecy and Adherence to Rules

Scarlett Johansson - Kelly Clarkson

Johansson’s time with Marvel was marked by a strict adherence to the rules and a constant fear of accidentally spoiling any details. “I am very by the books. I don’t, I am the person that is, I don’t wanna be, I’m constantly terrified I was going to spoil some major… anything from the color of my, that it’s like now a darker shade of Navy it was like, you can’t say a thing,” she explained.

She even humorously referred to herself as being “programmed” to never reveal anything, a comment that Clarkson jokingly described as sounding “a little abusive.”

Reflecting on 10 Years with Marvel

Beyond the Halloween costume revelation, Johansson also reflected on her 10-year journey with Marvel. She described the cast and crew as a “whole family” that she would come back to every year and a half or so.

When asked about her favorite memories, Johansson highlighted the first Avengers movie, describing it as a “Wild West” experience. “It felt like we were doing something we didn’t know if it was gonna work, and it just kind of felt like a crazy thing. It worked, turn out,” she reminisced.

A Marvel Legacy

Scarlett Johansson’s candid conversation with Kelly Clarkson provided fans with a delightful and insightful look into her experiences as part of the Marvel Universe. Her legacy as Black Widow continues to resonate with fans and industry insiders alike, and her insights into the workings of one of the most successful cinematic franchises offer a unique perspective on what it’s like to be a part of the Marvel family.

As the Marvel Universe continues to expand and evolve, Johansson’s contributions and her iconic portrayal of Black Widow will undoubtedly remain a cherished part of its history.

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