How Desi Arnaz Defied All Odds And Landed His Role on ‘I Love Lucy’

Desi Arnaz - I Love Lucy

In the golden era of television, few shows have left as indelible a mark as “I Love Lucy.” While audiences worldwide fell in love with the zany antics of Lucille Ball, it was her on-screen and off-screen partner, Desi Arnaz, who added the perfect counterbalance to her comedic genius.

But how did this charismatic Cuban musician land the role of Ricky Ricardo, becoming an integral part of one of the most iconic shows in TV history?

From Cuba to Hollywood

Born in Santiago de Cuba in 1917, Desi Arnaz hailed from a prominent family. However, the Cuban Revolution forced the Arnaz family to flee to Miami, where they started from scratch.

Desi’s early years in America were marked by hardship, but his indomitable spirit and passion for music led him to form a band and introduce the conga line to American audiences.

In 1940, while starring in the Broadway musical “Too Many Girls,” Desi met the love of his life, Lucille Ball. Their whirlwind romance led to marriage within a year.

However, their contrasting careers often kept them apart, with Lucy pursuing her acting career in Hollywood and Desi touring with his band.

A Radio Show Turned Television Sensation

Before “I Love Lucy” became a television sensation, Lucille Ball was already making waves in the entertainment industry with her radio show, “My Favorite Husband.”

The show was immensely popular, and CBS saw potential in transitioning it to the television screen. However, there was one significant change Lucille wanted – she wanted Desi to play her husband on the show.

The Network’s Doubts

The network and sponsors were initially skeptical about casting Desi as Lucy’s husband.

The character on the radio show was portrayed as a tall, blond, blue-eyed vice president of a bank, a stark contrast to Desi’s thick Cuban accent and Latin background, which didn’t align with their vision of the “typical” American husband.

The network questioned the believability of the “Babalu fellow” being married to the “typical American girl.” Ironically, Desi and Lucille had already been married for a decade by then.

Proving the Doubters Wrong

Determined to prove their on-screen chemistry, Desi proposed a unique solution.

He invited Lucille to join him on his band’s tour, where they would perform together and gauge the audience’s reaction.

Lucille and Desi crafted a vaudeville-style act that showcased their dynamic as a couple, blending music, dance, and comedy.

With Desi as the charismatic bandleader and Lucille as the zany wife trying to join in, their performances highlighted their undeniable chemistry and comedic timing.

As they toured various cities, performing in clubs and theaters, they adjusted their act based on audience reactions.

Everywhere they went, they attracted large crowds and rave reviews.

Beyond mere entertainment, their act subtly challenged the prevailing stereotypes of the time.

Desi was portrayed as a talented, charming, and successful bandleader, and their relationship showcased a positive depiction of an interracial marriage, a rarity for that era.

Word of their successful tour eventually reached Hollywood.

The buzz was undeniable, and even the most skeptical of executives took notice. Invited to perform for these television moguls, the couple’s on-stage magic was evident.

This success convinced the network to greenlight “I Love Lucy” with Desi in the role of Ricky Ricardo.

Breaking Stereotypes

Desi’s portrayal of Ricky Ricardo was groundbreaking. At a time when ethnic stereotypes were rampant, Desi presented Ricky as a loving husband and successful bandleader.

He subtly challenged prejudices and paved the way for future actors of color on American television.


Desi Arnaz’s journey to becoming Ricky Ricardo was filled with challenges, but his determination, coupled with his undeniable chemistry with Lucille Ball, made “I Love Lucy” a timeless classic.

Their innovative approach to television, from filming in front of a live audience to pioneering multi-camera setups, set the standard for future sitcoms.

Today, Desi Arnaz’s legacy lives on, not just as Ricky Ricardo, but as a trailblazer in the world of entertainment.

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