12 Best Restaurants In Glendora, CA

Glendora, also known as the ‘Pride of the Foothills,’ is a cozy city tucked away in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

It has beautiful year-round weather, and has tons of Pacific Coast beaches, perfect for swimming and surfing. There are tons of outdoor activities to partake in, like hiking and visiting parks.

But not only that, Glendora is home to tons of delicious restaurants, serving many diverse cuisines, like Argentinian food, Mexican food, BBQ, and your standard American breakfast food.

We can assure you that you won’t feel hungry in Glendora! Read on to start planning your delicious culinary trip at some of the best restaurants in Glendora, California.

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1. Flappy Jack’s Pancake House

Flappy Jack's Pancake House  - Restaurants In Glendora, CA

You can find all your breakfast favorites at Flappy Jack’s Pancakes. It’s one of the best places to come on a Saturday morning with your family.

They serve delicious, unique meals that you’ll only find at their restaurant, like banana nut waffles and potato cakes. From blintzes to buttermilk pancakes, you’ll start your day the right way with these delectable dishes.

There’s something for everyone, whether you have a sweet or savory tooth. You can choose from omelets, burgers, stuffed French toast, skillets, and oatmeal. They even have a gluten free option.

What to Eat: Make sure you order the Flappy Jack crepes, which come with strawberries, Nutella, and bananas. You can even add scrambled eggs and bacon for some added savory.

2. Donut Man

Donut Man - Restaurants In Glendora, CA

In May 1972, Jim and Miyoko Nakano opened the donut shop, The Donut Man. Today, they’re known for their iconic, mouth-watering strawberry donuts, and is definitely a spot t you shouldn’t miss during your time in Glendora, California.

Donuts are a perfect mid-day snack, when you feel like you need a boost of energy after walking around all day. What’s especially unique about this restaurant is that it still looks like it did in the 70’s, with the same layout and design.

Their donuts have the perfect balance of sweetness, and they come out fresh and fried right before your eyes. Their selection of donuts includes their famous strawberry donut, Bavarian cream, and raspberry.

What to Eat: The strawberry donut of course! And for a sweet and tart donut, try their lemon donut, which is filled with lemon jelly.

3. Broken Yolk Cafe

Broken Yolk Cafe  - Restaurants In Glendora, CA

Originally founded in 1979, Broken Yolk Cafe is one of the best cafes to come for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. They have multiple locations, but if you’re in Glendora, you must swing by for a meal.

They open at 6AM, so if you’re an early riser, this is the place for you. Their menu includes signature dishes like benedicts, classic avocado toast mimosas, homemade soups, and delectable baked goods. They also have great coffee to match your breakfast dish.

What to Eat: For a filling, satisfying meal, try their eggs florentine or sweet buttermilk pancakes, fluffy and loaded with butter.

4. West Coast Cheesesteaks

West Coast Cheesesteaks - Restaurants In Glendora, CA

Known for their outstanding food and service, West Coast Cheesesteaks is a must-visit if you’re in Glendora. The sandwiches are huge, so come hungry!

Their menu is simple but with a whole lotta flavor, and whether you’re a meat eater or vegetarian, they have something for everyone.

Choose between veggies, chicken, or steak, and then cheddar, chipotle, poblano, or sliced provolone.

The bread is soft and freshly baked, and your sandwich will come out hot and fresh. You’ll have to try their battered onion rings, which are known for being sold out quite often! If you want to try the onion rings, make sure to get there early in the day.

What to Eat: Since this restaurant is known for their cheesesteaks, you’ll have to try their Philly cheese steak with mushrooms and bell peppers, with a side of onion rings or tater tots.

5. LucaBella Fine Foods

LucaBella features a casual ambiance with food that has a ton of bold taste. Their charcuterie boards are packed with meat, cheese, and olives, and are the perfect thing to bring to a dinner party.

Their menu is creative, and they have dishes ranging from pork belly hash to three cheese chicken pasta.

Take a look at their extensive wine menu, with selections of red, white, and rose wine. You won’t leave this place hungry or thirsty!

What to Eat: The eggs benedict with prosciutto and lemon hollandaise, or the pork belly sandwich on ciabatta bread are customer favorites.

6. Fonda Don Chon

Fonda Don Chon - Restaurants In Glendora, CA

Fonda Don Chon is a fun and festive place to come with friends and family. Visit during their lunch buffet, which offers a variety of delicious dishes.

It’s the perfect way to eat if you’re feeling indecisive about what to order! From Tacos El Padilla to the Supreme Molcajete for two, you won’t feel bored with their selection of food.

You can also indulge in free chips and salsa from the moment you sit down at your table.

What to Eat: If you’re a vegetarian, order the vegetarian enchilada, and if you’re a meat eater, try the Chile Chilaquiles with steak. Both dishes are filling and packed with flavor.

7. Grand Burger

Grand Burger - Restaurants In Glendora, CA

Grand Burger strives to make great tasting food, without giving up the quality, flavor, or service. Their recipes have been in the family business for decades, so you know you’re getting a quality meal.

We love a restaurant that has a family history behind it. From burgers, burritos, and zucchini and onion rings, their extensive menu will satisfy any palette.

Since it is family owned, you’ll see Jimmy, the owner, his wife, Maria, or one of their children at the restaurant. That’s another green flag!

What to Eat: Try their mushroom burger, avocado bacon cheeseburger, or the onion rings, which are known for being the best in the area.

8. Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

Portos Bakery - Best Restaurants In Glendora, CA

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe was born out of love for cakes and pastries, so you know you’re getting delicious food, made with a lot of love.

They add a Cuban twist to their menu, which includes delicious food like double chocolate raspberry filled cupcakes, mango mousse cake, hot cross buns, turkey gravy potato balls, and a Cubano sandwich.

There’s usually a long line, but that’s only a good sign – it means their food is delicious.

What to Eat: Potato balls! For something savory and buttery, try their cheese rolls or guava cheese rolls, filled with their signature cream cheese filling, and topped with sugar.

9. Rika’s Empanadas

Rika's Empanadas - Restaurants In Glendora, CA

Rika’s offers pizzas, pastries, and empanadas, which they’re especially known for. The empanadas come out piping hot, so you know you’re getting freshly baked, home cooked food.

From Milanesa Napolitana, Argentina style pizzas to mushroom spinach crepes, you have a great selection of Argentinian food to choose from.

What to Eat: If you’re indecisive when it comes to food, like most of us, then definitely order a dozen empanadas to share with your friends. You’ll have 12 different flavors to try!

10. The Hat

The Hat - Restaurants In Glendora, CA

Open since 1951, The Hat specializes in “World’s Famous Pastrami” dip sandwiches and is definitely a restaurant you need to try in Glendora.

Interestingly enough, their customers consume 13 to 15 tons of pastrami per week – that’s how you know it’s good! The restaurant’s signature item is the pastrami dip sandwich, which comes on a French roll with mustard and pickle.

It’s known for being huge and almost impossible to finish! Sit outside and enjoy the Californian sunshine.

What to Eat: If you’re not feeling a sandwich, try their chili cheese fries, onion rings, or selection of burgers.

11. Cosmo’s Bistro

Cosmos Bistro - Restaurants In Glendora, CA

For some of the best Italian food set in a cozy, romantic setting in Glendora, come to Cosmo’s Bistro.

Their specialties include paellas, which are cooked outdoors for over 2 hours, and flavored with olive oil, rice, garlic, saffron, tomatoes, onions, and bell pepper.

The ‘Paella Tradicional’ comes with chicken, mussels, clams, shrimp, and scallops. If you’re a vegetarian, try their ‘Paella Vegetariana’, which comes with zucchini, asparagus, red potatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli.

They also have a variety of pizzas and pastas, and entrees like salmon and steak.

What to Eat: If you don’t feel like eating a paella, then try their fettuccine alfredo, which is creamy and delicious, and the truffle fries, fried and full of truffle oil.

12. Frisella’s Roastery

Frisella’s is a full-service BBQ restaurant, so make sure you come with a huge appetite. Their speciality is chicken and ribs, so it’s an ideal place to dine if you’re a meat eater.

It’s a fun place to come with friends and family, since the atmosphere is lively and exciting. Try the roasted chicken dinner, grilled on mesquite wood, huge sweet potato sides, quarter chicken and rib combo, chips, or corn.

They have several weekly events, like wine night on Wednesdays and live music on Saturdays, so pick a night that feels right for you.

What to Eat: Try their trio, which is half a sandwich, soup, and salad, or their tri tip sandwich, which comes on an Italian roll and is served with their signature BBQ sauce.

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