Top 11 Things To Do In Bloomington, CA In 2022

Bloomington is a charming small town in southwest California. If you’re visiting Los Angeles, you have to pass through Bloomington!

With everything from a world-class Go Kart arena to an incredible swap-meet, you’re bound to have some fun. If you like quieter activities, there are plenty of trails and museums to visit too!

So venture with us through Bloomington and its neighboring towns. Take a chance on this one- you won’t regret it!

History of Bloomington, California

Bloomington was first developed in 1887.

In the early 20th century, a cement company built a huge plant near South Bloomington, as well as a railroad to Riverside to transport employees. The line opened to Bloomington in 1911. 

A lot of the community remains rural and many residents raise animals. Both Rialto and Colton are trying to annex land within Bloomington, as it is a census-designated place yet unincorporated (as of February 2022).

Full incorporation wasn’t completed in 1989 because of staff and budget constraints.

In 2007, another attempt at incorporation failed.

Despite this, there are nearly 25,000 people living in Bloomington. The town is served by the Omitrans bus service and Interstate 10. 

Where is Bloomington, CA?

Bloomington is in San Bernardino County in southwest California.

It’s a 50 minute drive from Bloomington to Los Angeles via I-10 W.

Things to do in Bloomington, CA

Here are the best things to do in Bloomington, CA. Be sure to call the attractions and restaurants ahead of your visit to confirm their hours, as times might change.

1. Martin Tudor Jurupa Hills Regional Park/ Jurupa Hills North Trail, Bloomington CA

Jurupa Hills North Trail - Bloomington, CA

Jurupa Hills North Trail is a moderate two and a half mile out and back trail that sees a lot of traffic. It is mostly used for hiking and can be accessed all year long. You can bring your dog as long as he is on a leash. The trail witnesses 1,125 feet in elevation gain.

The main draw of this trail is the sweeping landscapes of wildflowers. You can also see eagles if you’re lucky! It’s the perfect view of the sunrise and gives you a great workout as it is almost entirely a steep incline.

This trail isn’t for the faint of heart, though. Its intense incline and elevation gain make for a great workout- but can cause major sprains and pulled muscles if you’re not prepared.

2. Bel-Air Swap-Meet, Bloomington, CA

Bel-Air Swap-Meet - Bloomington, CA

If you are looking for something to do in Bloomington on the weekend, this Swap-Meet has been around since 1994, and has stuck around for good reason! 

It’s an outdoor swap-meet open four days a week with over 600 vendor spots. You’ll find treasured vintage items that you never expected- and at a reasonable price!

They also have food, an ATM, an arcade, and restrooms inside the snack bar. 

Visit this classic swap-meet for a glimpse into an ongoing tradition of nearly 30 years!

17565 Valley Blvd, Bloomington, CA 92316

3. Things To Do In Bloomington, CA: Jack Bulik Skate Park & Multi-Purpose Rink

Jack bulik skate park - Bloomington, CA

The Jack Bulik Skate Park offers concessions, a pro shop, demonstrations, contests, clinics, camps, and lessons!

There are also picnic tables and restrooms so you can make a day of your stay. Skate, eat, hang, and have a good time!

Skate session hours are: 

  • Mon-Fri 12pm-9pm 

  • Sat-Sun 9am-9pm

A 30 day pass for non-residents is $7, so even if you’re just passing through it’s still a good deal! 

Shred some half pipe and ollie your way around- or just cruise the park if that’s more your speed.

16581 Filbert Ave, Fontana, CA 92335

4. What To Do Near Bloomington, CA: San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum

San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum

The San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum focuses on “San Bernardino history and all things railroad”.

It’s located inside the restored Santa Fe Depot from 1918. The depot serves Amtrak and Metrolink passengers, with over 100 freight trains passing through each day.

Come visit this unique museum to see artifacts and historic photographs. You’ll discover things like antique hand-drawn 19th century vehicles, antique clocks, an old Centralized Traffic Control Machine, and more!

Although railroads may seem like a boring subject at first, this historical museum is sure to change your mind.

1170 W. Third St, San Bernardino, CA 92410

5. Things To Do Near Bloomington, CA: First Original McDonald’s Museum

First Original McDonald’s Museum

Add the First Original McDonald’s Museum to your list of places to visit when in Bloomington, CA.

This museum is a great place to stop if you’re traveling on Route 66. It’s where the first ever McDonald’s opened in 1940!

Here’s some McDonald’s history that you’ll learn at the museum:

The original McDonald’s had 20 carhops and 25 items on the menu including ribs, pork sandwiches, and beef. Although they quickly turned into the main place for teens to hang out, the owners decided to make a big change.

They closed their highly successful restaurant and got rid of the carhops. They reduced their menu and reorganized the kitchen to focus on service speed, simplicity of menu, and unbeatable prices.

This decision changed the restaurant industry for good! Now every time you enjoy McDonald’s, you’ll know that it all started with a big decision to change course, despite everyone telling them not to.

1398 N E St, San Bernardino, CA 92405

6. Things To Do With Kids In Bloomington, CA: Fiesta Village Family Fun Park

Fiesta Village Family Fun Park - Bloomington, CA

Fiesta Village offers exactly what everyone wants: affordable fun for all ages! 

The fun park has:

  • Laser tag

  • Rides

  • Arcade

  • Mini golf

  • Batting cages

  • Pyrite Rapids Water Park

  • Skate rink

  • Go karts

Truly, if that list doesn’t impress you, nothing will. This is your one-stop-shop!

For 13 years in a row, Fiesta Village won “Best Place for Kids to Have Fun”. 

Check out their day passes here to see what they have in store!

1405 E. Washington St, Colton, CA 92324

7. What to do in Bloomington, CA: Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center - Bloomington, CA

Visiting the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center is a must for any visitor to Bloomington. The Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center is “Home of the best field trip ever!”

The whole premise of the Discovery Center is to have fun while learning. 

They have 9 acres of gardens with more than 20 dinosaur sculptures, a pond, a paddock, and picnic areas.

You can see dinosaur skeletons in their museum, buy a cute succulent at their nursery, or go on an expedition!

You’ll feel like a curious kid again when visiting.

They are open Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 3pm.

7621 Granite Hill Drive, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

8. Things To Do Near Bloomington, CA: San Bernardino County Museum

San Bernardino County Museum

The San Bernardino County Museum is a regional museum that focuses on culture and natural history and definitely worth a visit when in Bloomington, CA. There are exhibits, research collections, and programs for all ages.

The museum’s core values include:

  • Public service

  • Diversity

  • Engagement

  • Integrity

  • Competence

  • Responsibility

  • Collaboration

Their mission is to use the dynamic natural and cultural history of the region to increase visitors’ appreciation of the area’s diverse regional identity as well as invite curiosity and inquiry, challenge assumptions, and welcome them to contribute to a common future.

If you’re just stopping by the area, this is a vital place to see. It will give you great insight into what makes Bloomington and its neighboring towns special and create a newfound appreciation for your travels.

2024 Orange Tree Lane, Redlands, CA 92374

9. ProAbition Whiskey Lounge & Kitchen

ProAbition Whiskey Lounge & Kitchen

This is a top spot to unwind after a long day of traveling. There is great food, drinks, and customer service- what more could you want?

They play smooth jazz to create a calm, relaxing atmosphere with a pleasant interior design.

Standout menu items include salmon and bacon mac and cheese.

They see themselves as a “classic yet contemporary venue for all to come and enjoy”. As a prohibition-themed whiskey lounge and kitchen, they’ve worked hard to balance the old with the new in order to bring you an unforgettable experience!

3597 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501

10. Bloomington, CA Things to Do: CalSpeed Karting Center

CalSpeed Karting Center - Bloomington, CA

CalSpeed Karting Center in Bloomington claims to have “world class karting”- and boy, do they deliver!

They are the premier outdoor karting center in Southern California, hosting everything from competitive carting, to arrive and drive racing, to karting schools, to corporate entertainment.

It’s found on the grounds of the Auto Club Speedway- LA’s home to the IndyCar Racing Series and NASCAR Sprint Cup. 

11. Mary Vagle Nature Center Trail

Mary Vagle Nature Center Trail - Bloomington, CA

The Mary Vagle Nature Center can be found at the foot of the Jurupa Hills. A natural respite among an urban oasis, enjoy the peace and quiet that the center brings. 

Appreciate a stroll on the nature trail as it winds around the pond. Relish in the current blooms of the native garden, and explore live and static displays of the native area.

If you’re in the right place at the right time, you might be lucky enough to spot young coyotes barking on rocks. Take in the sights of squirrels, lizards, bees, turtles, ducks, and butterflies on this stunning 1.7 mile trail.

11501 Cypress Avenue E, Fontana, CA 92337


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